Holyport Village Yoga

A weekly Tuesday morning class 9am till 10.10am

at Holyport Scout HQ 

behind the Holyport Memorial Hall on  Money Row Green, Holyport SL6 2NA

£40 for 5 classes ( valid for 8 weeks)  £10 for a single class

Book here for Holyport , mats needed

A wonderfully friendly class which runs every Tuesday morning.   In  70 minutes you will explore and learn about your body’s capabilities and challenges, as you take your body on a journey to move in a multitude of directions whilst breathing more deeply than you do normally.  The combination and concentration of the breath and the move, transforms tight over used muscles and  wakes up the under utilised ones!  I bring my own blend of herbs and spices to class, so we tend to sip tea throughout and have a super yoga workout rounded off by a relaxation.

This is a class of mixed abilities and ages and everyone  seems to enjoy the coming together in the guise of yoga! In August we have a few weeks break from our indoor venue and venture into some gardens to continue our yoga practice (  hence photos with trees and dogs).

Stretch and flex to relieve back and shoulder tension and strengthen and lengthen in your spine.  Simple effective yoga (& pilates) moves that  work wonders on body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flexibility, creating abdominal and pelvic stability, and much improved posture and breathing. This all leads to a heightened feeling of positivity, and deep relaxation and feeling younger!

This class will enable you to learn and master the basic yoga positions that are brilliant for enhancing posture, balance & coordination.

This style of yoga ( Scarvelli, Hatha & Dru ) will give you time away to indulge on the finer more subtle aspects of yourself and away from the daily stresses and ‘doing-ness” of a full and active life.  Get ready to breath deeper and  unravel those knots and stand taller!   You do need to bring a mat, cushion and blanket  to this class and arrive 10 minutes early.